About Comic Book Poems
Comic Book Poems  is an experiment in comic book storytelling and the possibilities of visual poetry. Each poem is presented as a comic book with individual pages representing a stanza and individual panels representing a line of poetry.
Sometimes the Comic Book Poems are abstract and sometimes they make full use of sequential art.

Mother Silk page 1 - Comic Book Poems

The Comic Boom Poems can be viewed on this website individually or readers can wait for the full series to be released to collect the poems together. There are 10 Comic Book Poems in each series. The collections are made available to be downloaded as a zine which can be printed off or viewed on a laptop, tablet or computer.


Individual Comic Book Poems are released every week until the series is complete. Readers are recommended to check the website and social media to be updated when the next series will be made available.

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About the Artist
Comic Book Poems are written and illustrated by Steven Fraser. He has a background in medical and educational design, plus illustrations and graphics for video games and comic books. He is also a published writer and poet.

Steven can be contacted here.
More of his work can be viewed here.

APerfectBreeze - Comic Book Poem


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