Comic Book Poems Series 9 – HaHaHaHa- Lessons Learned

After previous series were published I have always done a postmortem blog post about what I was looking to achieve with the series and Comic Book Poems as a project. Now we are at Series 9 and have completed 3 years of the project. I think that this is quite an achievement.


Looking back at Series 9 we can see that all Comic Book Poems have a coherent style and approach. I think that this connects the 10 Comic Book Poems together and make them feel like a complete and cohesive series.

How Can I Depend On You_ComicBookPoems

The fact that the series is short works well. It can be digested easily and re-read again and again. They also give just as much attention to the text as they do to the illustrations. This series emphasises the importance of words in Comic Book Poems.

A Brilliant Career_ComicBookPoems

I think I can say I have learnt that this approach is valid and exciting in a way. Short Comic Book Poems allow for a greater degree of experimentation and I like this aspect.

The Good One_ComicBookPoems

Series 9 – HaHaHaHa of Comic Book Poems can be downloaded here.

With a low resolution version available here.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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