Comic Book Poems Series 7 – Good Luck – Lessons Learned

Series 7 of Comic Book Poem is called Good Luck. In this Series we see a return to using photography, found images and also traditional media.

Series7- Good Luck - Comic Book Poems-Cover

This series is quite diverse and also acts as a link to previous series. We see a return to the anything goes approach and I think this works well and we may see this style again in Series 8.


We also saw 3 Comic Book Poems in the Faces Miniseries. I may actually collect these 5 Comic Book Poems together and put them out as a minizine.

Faces 3 - Page -1_ComicBookPoems Faces- 4-ComicBookPoems Faces - 5 - Page 1 - ComicBookPoems

It could be said that what I learnt the most from this Series was to look back and tie up loose ends. I like linking old Comic Book Poems to new ones. It also gives the readers a chance to look back in the archives and dig up old Comic Book Poems from several series back.


In the image above from Doodle for example we see characters that appeared in previous Comic Book Poems. I like the fact that they have a life outside of their initial appearance. This is really appealing to me as  I think the characters are strong and have the ability to hold tell their own stories.




About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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