Comic Book Poems Series 4 – Eyes- Lessons Learned

We now have Series 1 – Outsider Art and Series 2 – 1001 Monsters and also Series 3 – Unfinished. But here we are looking back at Series 4 – Eyes and seeing what we have learnt

Series 4 - ComicBookPoems-Cover

Series 4 saw a lot of traditional media being used. Watercolours, ink, pens and markers were utilised and embraced.

Perspectives- Comic Book Poem

In Series 3 we saw a few short poems and this was expressed in several Comic Book Poems in Series 4 – Eyes. The best example is Found Poem – 2. As a piece of text this may be bland and uninteresting, bust as a Comic Book Poem it comes to life and feels vast and grand. This is something which will be find happening in Comic Book Poems in the future.

FoundPoem- 2 - Comic Book Poem

I feel like Comic Book Poems is a DIY approach to Comics and Poetry. I plan to embrace this element in Series 5 and make use of this aspect. Most of the Comic Book Poems in the future will exist on the page first and this website will be used as an archive in a way. The Comic Book Poems site will give these artefacts digital life. I’m looking forward to Series 5.

LastNight-Page2-Comic Book Poem


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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