Writing a Comic Book Poem – Places

Places takes the reader into a forest and gives them a tour of a dark and intimidating location. With the text I wanted to convey an intimidating area from the perspective of a curious and inquisitive person. However I did not want to describe the person, I only wanted to sparsely describe the location.
With Places I wanted to experiment by creating a comic book that did not focus on character, but on “places”. Therefore the text and narrative was written to not include any people or characters. The Comic Book Poem looks at places and setting, hence the title of the Comic Book Poem.

Crackle the ground
Rough to hand
Burnt umber
Sneaks up your nostrils

But there is a life
Proud on top of a hill.
Just go and find if there is something inside.

A curious mind
A broken body
A deep, deep forest
The leaves and bush muffles.
So you are alone.
If you like it or not.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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