Writing a Comic Book Poem – XXXXX

The main theme of xxxxx is censorship. Here we see an Anthropomorphic character investigating how censorship can effect people. The character has an inquiring mind. He is half an observer and half activist. For the Comic Book Poem I thought of the idea of censorship first. As with a lot of the Comic Book Poems in this series I liked the idea of an inquisitive mind and someone investigating something new and important. Making the character an animal was purely from a visual point of view and the fact I though the comic would be more fun with an animal character, hence the beaver.
With the majority of Comic Book Poems I avoid using speech bubbles, instead I like to use captions to move the story forward and express the text. Xxxxx is a rare example of the protagonist talking out loud and expressing their thoughts and feelings verbally. I think it works here. The captions show what he is thinking, but he is so angry the only way he can express himself is verbally.



About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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