Writing a Comic Book Poem – Harder They come

Harder They Come is another example of a more narrative approach to Comic Book Poems. Looking at the images without the text presents a story. This was the approach to writing The Harder They Come. I fully illustrated the Comic before I began to write the text. I developed the story of a character bring stalked, trying to escape, but eventually being consumed.
This approach allowed the words to form in a structure and method that was a slave to the story and page layout. I knew each page had 9 panels and the text would have to fit into the panels. I also knew that the words would have to reflect the story. I suppose this was similar to the Marvel Method of writing comics.
I find this approach works well when a basis for the story present and I be leave that this works well with ‘The Harder They Come’. Whether or not the words work without the text is another thing. The poem by itself can be read below.

Harder They Come


Eyes down

Mind somewhere

And I wished

that the waiting

was not the hardest part

But you know that it is

In this lonely mind

As it all creeps behind my back

Stop stalking

Go elsewhere

But you know, focus

Focus on the world

One of your parallel places

The one where you are famous

Famous for being good.

But you’re not funny



Do it

It’s dreaming

All in your head

Your head or mine?

Just sick of this conversation

Are you to old for this?

Am I to old for it?

Blending in

Falling out again.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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