Comic Book Poems Collaborations – Long View Stickers

Long View Stickers is a Street Art and Photography project where stickers are placed in different cities in Scotland. These stickers are then photographed and uploaded to the Long View Stickers Blog.
Long View Stickers also incorporate text and found words and poetry in the way the stickers are presented. Vincent is a generic character that is basis for the stickers. Text is placed under the stickers to create an engaging image. See the Long View Stickers website for more information.
For the collaboration with Comic Book Poems and Long View Stickers we have taken street photography and created a sequential series of images that utilise the words and the images that are common with Long View Stickers. The images chose for the comic make full use of the poetic text and the visual nature of the photography.
The collaborative Comic Book Poem is called Long View Stickers and utilises the experimental nature of Comic Book Poems and the tradition of using found poetry to create a new work. The Long View Stickers Comic Book Poem is an example of how collaboration can be used to develop new ideas and possibilities in Comic Book Poems.

LongViewStickers- Comic Book Poem


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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