Writing a Comic Book Poem – Long View Stickers

Long View Stickers is a photography/illustration/poetry project I am involved with. Information on the collaboration with Long View Stickers can be found here. When writing this Comic Book Poem I was restricted to the different photographs that are available on the Long View Stickers website. I chose 6 images that I thought could reflect a Comic Book Poem. This restriction presents not only the experimental approach to Long View Stickers, but the abstract nature of Comic Book Poems. Series 3 of Comic Book Poems have concentrated on developing more narrative pieces and using traditional media. Long View Stickers on the other hand completely removes any notion that there is a lack of experimentation and atypical work in Comic Book Poems. Have a read of the text from the six panels below and decide if they make any sense.

Long View Stickers

That’s good penguin!
It’s comfortin’
To know somebody is
colder’n me!

Same number of steps up to her apartment
Same knock on her peeling paint door.

Forever stuck in your favourite place
Can’t you feel positive
They’re scheming round the back of your skull
Like this full fat life.

It’s all coming into place
You ran outdoor murmuring a song about love
It’s raining outside
Inside me it rains

LongViewStickers- Comic Book Poem


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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