Writing a Comic Book Poem – How to Photograph the Dead

This is the second of two collaborations with Franklin Poems. More information on this collaboration can be read about here.
The content of this poem is in keeping with Sleeping. I developed  a structured poem that conveyed an emotion, here I was thinking about different ways in which you can photograph the dead. The underlying approach tackles the theme of memory and recollection and here we see the basis for the idea of the poem. Along with Sleeping I do actually feel the text can be enjoyed without the visuals and this is due to the collaborative nature of the Franklin Poems Project. More information on this can be read at the Franklin Poems website.

How to Photograph the Dead

Just close your eyes and be patient
Lick your dry lips and breathe slowly
Dig six feet deep down and picture her
Hold her close, let her hug your soul.

Stop, take a deep breath, remember
Whisper her name, no one can hear
Pull all the torn pieces together
She is in the garden now, waiting.

Keep a devoted white knuckle grasp
But caress gently with touch
It’s because I needed you now
This moment, an instant forever.

The sinister fading firefly eyes
Stalk the dark venerable bedroom corner
So slink on down under the soft soft sheets
Shut your river running eyes and sleep, just sleep.



About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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