Illustrating a Comic Book Poem – The Observer

The Observer is one of the more linear and structured poems in the Comic Book Poems series. Visually I wanted to illustrate the life of the protagonist through his neglected childhood to the tragic ending. The method I chose was to use a collage technique of illustrating photographs, images from CCTV footage and other media, such as the characters staff card from his place of employment and a badge he was given on his birthday.

TheObserver- page 1 - Comic Book Poem TheObserver- page 2 - Comic Book Poem
From a technical point of view I did not want to use actual photographs or scans. I wanted everything that was shown in ‘The Observer’ to be fabricated and be a work of fiction. For this I came up with the idea of creating a dossier that contains all the photographs an media relating to the protagonist and his life. Here we can put together his story and showcase the poetry of the piece.

TheObserver- page 3 - Comic Book Poem TheObserver- page 4 - Comic Book Poem
The overall idea was to take poetry and more specifically Comic Book Poems and illustrate something new and atypical. The Comic Book Poem does not make use of traditional panels, but the photographs and images that have been conveyed replace the panels. The dossier is structured that each image and entry works the same way as a comic book panel. Here we see the atypical approach and a different way to present Comic Book storytelling and poetry.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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