Writing a Comic Book Poem – The Observer

The Story for The Observer is obvious and to the point. We go on a journey with a bitter and twisted man, who has no forgiveness in his body. He is distraught from childhood to adulthood and is mocked for an affliction which is obvious to the eye when you view the Comic Book Poem.
Writing the Poem was fairly straight forward. I had the idea for the story in my head before hand and the words seemed to flow with ease. Sometimes when writing poetry I like to redraft over and over again, especially for longer works. With The Observer I did absolutely no redrafting and took the poetry as it was. This may not be to the benefit of the text, but as I had a final story in my head I wanted there to be room for expression and even room for error. The story deals with mistakes and sorrow and quite possibly the text may reflect this. Enjoy the text by itself below:

The Observer

It can take your eyes and it can have your smile
The thing is, it must have my heart and my soul.

It can begin screaming and whaling, as long as the end
Is pride, smiles, open eyes, without a shard of regret.

I will administer training all the way home.
You can say and do what you like, but pass it by me.

I hope it is a boy, boys have more courage
If not, a hard suffragette to the core.

We’ll document the progress with photographs
These will occur on dates of specific interest.

I will calculate the height and weight
This will occur at regular intervals.

Teaching it to read warning signs is a must.
Training: running, jumping and fist fighting.

It will have strong limbs to pull itself together
It will be fed with my books and education.

I will hold it close and whisper in its ear
“You do this for the grace of the people.”

In the afterlife it will grow and grow.
So when we see him later, he will teach us.

He will look us in the eye and thank us.
He lived to be better, in the next world.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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