Comic Book Poems Series 2 – What to Expect

With Series 1 – Outsider Art of Comic Book Poems the idea was to introduce the reader to the different facets of the project. The intention was to introduce the reader to methods in which poetry could be expressed through the comic book medium. Series 1 – Outsider Art collects 10 separate Comic Book Poems and Series 2 will follow the same format.
If Series 1 was an introduction then Series 2 will take the format and push the boundaries further. Expect sequential art and poetry, but also expect more comics in the experimental style.

FrontCover_OutsiderArt_Comic Book Poems

The last to Comic Book Poems in Series 1 were Appropriation Part 1 and Appropriation Part 2. The first 2 Comic Book Poems in Series 2 will continue the Appropriation ‘mini-seires’ and showcase the idea of the pairing images and text.

Approrpraiton-Part1 - page2 - Comic Book Poem
The idea of found poetry and collaboration will be explored in Series 2. I am currently illustrating a project over at the Franklin Poems website. The concept here is similar to Comic Book Poems. Here we present Illustrated Poems but the emphasis is on the words, as opposed to the images. A collaboration between Franklin Poems and Comic Book Poems will look at using words and images on a single page, using a single image to tell a single poem. More information will be given on this collaboration closer to the time they are published, but check out the Franklin Poems website in the meantime.

Title - Franklin Poems - Illustrated Poems


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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