Comic Book Poems Series 1 – Outsider Art – Lessons Learned

Comic Book Poems is an experiment in Comic Book Storytelling. The idea to take poetry and images and combining them is not new.  Looking at abstract and atypical methods to present poetry and comics together is the main appeal of the Comic Book Poems project.
With the first 10 individual Comic Book Poems I wanted to show the breadth of project and experiment with images with words. We see Comic Book Poems such as Police Box Coffee Shop which is more straight forward than some of the other Comic Book Poems in Series 1. The images are sequential and tell a story that works in harmony with the text.

FrontCover_OutsiderArt_Comic Book Poems

This is a more traditional approach and has more in common regular comic books.
Appropriation Part 1 on the other hand is not so easy to comprehend at first read. The images are non sequential and look to experiment with how words and images can flow together. Poetry frequently takes advantage of the fact life isn’t straight forward and I wanted to reflect this in the images.

APerfectBreeze - Comic Book Poem
Series 1 has laid the foundations of the concept of Comic Book Poems. I plan to continue the experiment by developing more work in this area. In Series 1 there are maybe a few Comic Book Poems that don’t work, but at least they exist and have been collected together to be read as a series. The point of Comic Book Poems is to try something new, if it doesn’t work in Series 1 then it won’t be seen in Series 2, but do expect more experimenting in the future.

2.Problems - Comic Book Poems


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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