Illustrating a Comic Book Poem – Police Box Coffee Shop

Police Box Coffee Shop is a Comic Book Poem that embraces a graphic design style and layout. For the visuals I wanted to evoke the simple nature of street signs and signposts, therefore the shape of the panels reflect this along with the basic and generic character designs.
The panels are triangular and circular in shape – as in common with signposts that you may find on the street or on the road.
The characters are very basic in design. Along with signposts I was also influenced by the design of the ‘Legoman‘ character. He is blank canvas which can be easily modified to present various characteristics and I wanted to do a similar thing with Police Box Coffee Shop. I used to play with Lego and I knew that the character can take on many, shapes, forms and styles.

Police Box Coffee Shop-page1 - Comic Book Poem

The reason I chose to use signposts as an influence stems from the fact that I wanted to experiment with layout and panel sizes. I also wanted to create panels that could be seen as icons as opposed to illustrations. The difficulty arose from the fact that warning signs and signposts tend to be too basic. Comic Book Poems convey thoughts and feelings and Police Box Coffee Shop is filled with emotion, therefore I developed the ‘Legoman’ style character to put some heart back into the visuals. I wanted readers to relate to the character and the basic and playful nature reflects this.

Police Box Coffee Shop-page2 - Comic Book Poem
All the illustrations are digital, with thumbnails and concept designs being done in pencil and paper before the digital illustration process. Working digitally allowed me to create clean and precise artwork. This would have been time consuming and difficult to do in a traditional method, so digital was the way to go and the results are obvious to see.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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