Writing a Comic Book Poem – Police Box Coffee Shop

Police Box Coffee Shop is a Comic a Book Poem that deals with madness, relationships and what can happen when you drink too much coffee. For this Comic Book Poem, I developed the poetry first and then write a script, which you can download from here. The approach was very similar to creating Mother Silk, with the words dictating the panel layout and the placement of captions.

Police Box Coffee Shop-page1 - Comic Book Poem
The script came in handy as when I wrote the poetry I did not have an exact style or approach for the comic in mind. This allowed the words to be created on the page without having to follow a structure or methodology. Taking this approach allows for a degree of freedom which may have been absent if I had one eye on panel layout and structure. The creation of the script then allowed me to form a structure and develop the Comic Book Poem.
The script can be downloaded from here.
The title refers to coffee shops which are found in Edinburgh that look like Police Boxes.


For four weeks in February
Everyday I visited the
Police Box Coffee Shop
And never slept at all.

Spent my lonely spare moments
down on my aching hunkers,
staring right through the cracks
of the pavements unfamiliar face.

I was wishing I’d invited you along
so we could drink together,
staying up throughout the night
holding hands and singing songs.

Police Box Coffee Shop-page2 - Comic Book Poem


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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