Comic Book Poems and Collaboration

For the future of Comic Book Poems we will be looking to collaborate with other artists and writers. Soon I will be posting up submission details for artists and submission details for writers may follow (this will depend on how many artists offer their time during after the Artist Submission details are published).

APerfectBreeze - Comic Book Poem
Two collaborations will be published in Series 2 and Series 3 of Comic Book Poems respectively. The first is two collaborations with Franklin Poems. Franklin Poems is a website and blog that presents Illustrated Poems. We will be publishing two Comic Book Poems that will be published in tandem with Franklin Poems. These Comic Book Poems will look to engage and entertain readers in new and exciting ways. More information will be posted about this collaboration when the Comic Book Poems go live.

Mother Silk page 2 - Comic Book Poems
The second collaboration which will be published in Series 3 will be a Comic Book Poem in collaboration with Long View Stickers. Long View Stickers is a Street Art and Street Photography site that combines illustration, poetry and photography – all in the streets of Scotland. This collaboration will be a unique Comic Book Poem that will combine photography and Illustration and present it as a Comic Book Poem. We are very much looking forward to this collaboration and expect more information on this when it is published in Series 3 of Comic Book Poems.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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