Writing a Comic Book Poem – Need Nothing

For Need Nothing I just wanted to experiment with poetry and what you can write on different lines and then see how the lines relate to another. I wanted to break up sentences and randomly put them in an order. I never paid attention to form, style or content. Need Nothing is purely just a series of  found sentences randomly strung together as free verse. The challenge was coming up with images to convey this and create a Comic Book Poem. The forthcoming Illustrating a Comic Book Poem – Need Nothing  will go into detail to explain how the visuals came about.

Need Nothing-page 1 - C


Me and my imaginary friends
Writing break up letters
To old woman with cats
Staring at failing light
Returning home to closed arms
I never employed you

Searching for friends again
I should not hare to rehearse
My travelling light is not that bright
This movement is not going to be an answer

This party has to stop
Creaky floorboards for you
Even we’re only half way through this evening
Somewhat strange and never over as we look at essays

Need Nothing-page 2 - C

Need Nothing-page 3 - C


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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