Illustrating a Comic Book Poem – Difficult

Difficult is a Comic Book Poem that deals with repetition and a rehearsed and recurring structure. When deciding on how to illustrate the idea it was obvious that I would use digital techniques as opposed to traditional. Working digitally would easily allow me to repeat panels and artwork without having to draw them again and again.

3.Difficult-1 - Comic Book Poems

I also liked the fact that this was a longer poem so when finalising the Comic Book Poem it was obvious it would have to run over several pages with 9 panels on each page.
When dealing with repetition in visual storytelling it is important that there is some variety in the imagery. If I were to use the same image for each panel then the reader would get bored and not appreciate the Comic Book Poem for what it is.
One way around this was to develop a character who is the focal point of Difficult. I tend to find influences from different places, but other illustrators and particularly Zine Illustrators are a big influence. In Edinburgh there is an excellent shop called Analogue Books. I tend to visit there every few weeks to see what Zines and artists books they have in stock. For the character for this particular Comic Book Poem I wanted to I evoke a Comic that you would expect to find in a self published Zine. Therefore we have a character that relies on humour and an illustrative style for presentation.

3.Difficult-2 - Comic Book Poems
The location of Difficult is fairly generic, with the action and storytelling falling on the character and his change in appearance. Difficult is the third Comic Book Poem in Series 1 and continues to showcase the diverse visual style we are looking to convey. The words also present an atypical approach to poetry that can be presented within a Comic Book.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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