Promoting Comic Book Poems

Letting people know about your webcomic is an important part of the process and development of the project. For Comic Book Poems we didn’t want to just rely on word of mouth, but wanted to be pro-active in getting people interested and engaged in what the Comic Book Poems project could and achieve.

Mother Silk page 1 - Comic Book Poems
We have a Facebook page which is updated regularly to inform followers of blog posts and project updates. As with most Facebook pages it could do with as many likes as possible to feel free to visit it here.
As with Facebook other major forms of Social Media are being exploited. Our Twitter feed gives more frequent updates, where we also post opinions and ideas on Comic Book Poems and other random things that get our attention. Feel free to follow us on Twitter – the Comic Book Poems profile can be viewed here.

2.Problems - Comic Book Poems
We also use Instragram to post up images and photographs from Comic Books Poems. This is the best way to preview comics before they are posted up on the website. Occasionally we post up preview panels and photographs as teasers to new Comic Book Poems in the series.
In the future we plan to look at other methods of promotion, but social media is the best method at the moment.


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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