Writing a Comic Book Poem – Mother Silk

Mother Silk is the very first Comic Book Poem and introduces the concept of comics and poetry together on the page.
With the words I wanted to focus on the grotesque and also dark humour. The text takes on a narrative of a man who returns home to find his wife no longer there. His wife has been replaced by an ugly and vicious monster.
The poem deals with the fact that the man relies on his wife and his reliance is a form of addiction. The poem has a tragic ending that is not necessarily explicit in the text, but obvious in the visuals. The visuals will be explained in the following Illustrating a Comic Book Poem – Mother Silk blog post. This blog post will go live soon and give an insight into the methods taken to illustrate the Comic Book Poem of Mother Silk.

Mother Silk page 1 - Comic Book Poems

For the poetry I wanted the words to flow but also antagonise in a way. The story behind the poem is harsh and austere with tragedy and bleak words littered throughout. I have included the text by itself below. However as with all Comic Book Poems in this series the visuals and text go best together. For Mother Silk I wrote a script. The poem came first and I imagined how each line of text would work as an individual panel. This allowed me to realise how each panel would look on the page and how many panels each page needed. I then took the story from the Mother Silk Poem and wrote a script relative to the panel and page layout I envisioned.

The script to Mother Silk can be downloaded as a .doc file from here.

Mother Silk page 2 - Comic Book Poems


You rushed home to make love
but only found disease
spread out on the couch.

Mother Silk offering a hand.
She was at my back door screaming,
the worst influence in my life

And now the neighbours know
Mother Silk masturbates so slow
and goes viral at a click.

A cold wet room with nothing left to do
so you take the hand and lie down
then reach the top of Harmony Hill

and Mother Silk still screams.
Why did I let her in my life?
She even turns blood purple shades.

Harmony Hill collapses
no one found the cure we needed.
So then we start again

But this time a new life
set free of diseases
until mother silk finds a new soul.
Mother Silk page 3 - Comic Book Poems


About Comic Book Poems

I am a writer and artist who likes to work with poetry, illustration, film and animation.
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