Comic Book Poems Series 3 – Starting 22 September 2014

Series 3 of Comic Book Poems will start on 22 September 2014, with a preview a few days beforehand. Check back on this blog for more details.


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Comic Book Poems Series 3 – What to Expect

For Series 3 of Comic Book Poems we will obviously be carrying on the tradition of experimentation with words and images, but also the idea of collaboration.
Series 3 will see a collaboration with Long View Stickers, a photography/illustration/poetry project.

Again expect to see Comic Book Poems created using a variety of techniques and styles. From a personal point of view I will be writing the poetry to be more reflective and intimate. I don’t plan to bear my soul but I do plan in writing from almost a biographical perspective. However I do not think the visuals will reflect this.


What I love about illustration and storytelling is the ability to create a fantasy world that draws the reader in. With Series 3 the goal will be to create 10 different fantasy worlds each reflecting 10 different scenarios.

The first Comic Book Poem in Series 3 will go live soon, so check back on the blog to see what it entails.

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A New Comic Book Poem on Comic Soapbox Scotland

Comic Soapbox Scotland is a new blog that hosts comics that look at the Scottish referendum on independence. There are lots of cool posts and comics on there at the moment, but today a brand new Comic Book Poem is present. It is called Thinking Straight and can be viewed here.


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Comic Book Poems – Taking a break till Series 3

Comic Book Poems will be taking a break before Series 3 starts on 8 September.

Expect some articles and posts, but no new content will be posted. Until then have a few teasers of what may be present in the Series 3 Zine.

Book - Comic Book Poems - Zine3

Hand - Comic Book Poems - Zine3

Hand2 - Comic Book Poems - Zine3




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Comic Book Poems Series 2 – 1001 Monsters – Lessons Learned

After Series 1 – Outsider Art was published I did a postmortem blog post about what I was looking to achieve with the series and Comic Book Poems as a project. Now that Series 2 – 1001 Monsters is available it’s time to do the same thing with the latest series.

The beginning of Series 2 continued the Appropriation mini-series, where we published 2 Comic Book Poems that carried on the tradition of utilising artwork and poetry. This was following on the good work that was developed in Series 1 – Outsider Art. With Series 2 we wanted to introduce the concept of collaboration and this was present in the work developed with Franklin Poems. The result was 2 poems – Sleeping and How To Photograph The Dead. Here we saw a different approach to Comic Book Poems, where we made use of single pages and images to convey poetry and artwork.

Crash page 2 - Comic Book Poem
Collaboration continued with Crash, a Comic Book Poem created as part of The Noise Project from Labspace Studio. Here we saw how Comic Book Poems can work outside the context of this website. The context of exhibition and collaboration was also apparent in the Comic Book Poem The Wingless Bird. Here the Comic Book Poem was created for the Adventures in Comics initiative and we saw how Comic Book Poems can work in a gallery setting at the Marine Studios in Kent.

The Wingless Bird On The Great Tree - page 2 - Comic Book Poem

From a visual point of view traditional art techniques were common which gave a more tangible feel, as opposed to the digital illustration approach. I believe that Series 2 – 1001 Monsters shows the progression of the Comic Book Poems project and has showcased experimental poetry and comics in a new and exciting context. Check back on the blog when we discuss what we will be looking to do for Series 3.

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Comic Book Poems – Series 2 – 1001 Monsters now live

1001 Monsters is Series 2 of the Comic Book Poems website. This is a collection of 10 Comic Book Poems together as a zine which you can read online, download, read on a tablet or even print off. The collection is available now and can be downloaded from here.


A low resolution version can be downloaded from here.

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Writing a Script for a Comic Book Poem

Several Comic Book Poems were written with a script. In all cases the poem came first and then I devised a script around the text. This script was then used a guideline for completing the artwork. The reason I made use of a script was to interpret the poetry and so I would have an idea of what the Comic Book Poem would look like on the page before the illustration process happened.
For each script I would work out how many panels were needed for each page. I would then go into brief detail on what each panel should look like. Having published a few comics before and written several scripts for other artists I knew my descriptions had to be short and to the point. Overtly complication panel descriptions were not needed. I just needed to convey what should appear on the page.
Some of the Comic Book Poems do not need a script (Problems for example). This is because it is short and does not necessarily form a narrative. Having a script does give the Comic Book Poem a structure and form which may not be needed.
Examples of Comic Book Poem scripts are given below. Please download them and give them a read.

Mother Silk
Porcelin Breakfast
Police Box Coffee Shop

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